Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aghhh....i think i broke a finger.
I'm just praying its not.


adi said...

zati my dearest friend, suddenly i miss you so much.aku cuba mengingati kembali waktu kita bersama ups and down through gossips and what not! when both of us were so addicted to Mali`s.when both us have the exact same menu of nasi lemak and milo ais.and when both of us tried so hard to go to Japan..and when you were there when i am sad... and when your house is also mine! hahaha.. and also... when we fought.. ahaha.. for the stupid things inside the studio! so politics at that time.. and when you and i became the studio project manager..it was great to have you as a friend... and when you came by to the hospital for my first baby.... i was gratefull to have you as a friend..
zati dini, i would love to go to your place someday... how i wish i could do that.. but now there are lot of things to do here. with kids and family.and how we in the same car with sohey, and i slept at the back of the car while listening to both of you talking! ahaha..and we slept in the small room.and both of us enjoying ourselves in disneyland .. only 2 of us!
zati dini,
and how we call or sms or even chat together.. there lots of gossips!!! and also things to chat about...and how we encourage ourselves to do what we want in life. you got yours now?and i am still waiting for my turn to do masters soon..maybe next year..who knows... but i am pretty sure that
even when you have family, i will still miss you! my dear friend dunia akhirat!!
I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM said...

omg yong!! that's the sweetest piece you've ever given to me! Im sooo touched. Im also remeniscing all the ups and downs we've went tru. And now that you have a family,I just hope and pray for the best, and also for myself. Thank you for being a great friend of mine and the strength of our friendship will never fade away...