Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happenings but not All of Em

Among whatever that has been going on....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pick

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Do you want one?

This is simply being handsome.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something New Learnt

A conversation happened earlier between my uncle and I.

Cutting it short, I'm putting 'U' as Uncle & 'Me' for Me.

U: Open Google and type in "IEM"
Me: Does that stands for Institute of Engineers Malaysia?
U: Just open it.

And so I opened it and yeah, as I thought the search results came out as what I told him earlier. All about Institute of Engineers Malaysia.

U: No.
Me: Why no?
U: Now type in "inborn..."

So there was the drop down sugesstion box.

Me: Is it this one - "Inborn Errors of Metabolism"??
U: Yes, that's the one. So please tell Kirin (my brother) to major in that after his graduation. This is very very rare in Malaysia.
Me: Okay, but i hardly get to talk to him. He doesn't even reply my email and I've SMS him to call 3 days ago but he still haven't call. He's even too busy to be on Skype. Pfffftt!!
(I'm telling you, its even worse due to the time difference)

And so I was curious. I Wiki-ed it. Here is a bit of IEM.

Inborn errors of metabolism comprise a large class of genetic diseases involving disorders of metabolism. The majority are due to defects of single genes that code for enzymes that facilitate conversion of various substances (substrates) into other (products). In most of the disorders, problems arise due to accumulation of substances which are toxic or interfere with normal function, or to the effects of reduced ability to synthesize essential compounds. Inborn errors of metabolism are now often referred to as congenital metabolic diseases or inherited metabolic diseases, and these terms are considered synonymus.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Of Venting and Waiting for Any Changes to Happen

Being home has showed me some obvious differences in having to live in another country than the country where I come from.

For example:
1. When you are on the road, you will find some winding down their screens and out comes something from inside the car, landing straight on the road. Either it'll be a piece of small white paper (well, thats the colour you see when you're looking from a distant) or cigarette butts.

2. Still, when you're on the road. You're in the middle of a traffic queue at the traffic lights. Someone out of nowhere would come right beside you (without giving indicators are the worst cases) and jump the queue to fit between you and the car in front.

This also applies when you're not queueing at the traffic light, i.e. you are driving behind a long moving traffic and whenever there is a slightest gap, you know what'll happen. So go figure. it's not that I'm driving at 20kph, but you need to at least leave some gap in between right?!

3. You are on the rightmost lane on a highway and you are driving at the maximum speed limit. You'll suddenly find someone (only God knows where he came from) would nearly kiss your ass. Of course for obvious reasons you need to speed, and move aside. Should there be any collision, i'll be the first one to applaud. I'm not being mean, mind you.

4. In public toilets. I wouldn't want to elaborate about the cleanliness, because I'm sure many of you would have figured that out.
Im here talking on, yeh again queues. Well, my situation was, there wasn't an obvious queue. Its just you and the person in front, waiting for any of the cubicle doors to be opened and you enter when your turn comes. That's pretty obvious. But suddenly someone enters the toilet and waits right in front of one of the cubicle pretending you aren't there and walla, when the person inside is done with her business, she goes straight right in. Not even bothering that she should give way to you when she knows she came in later. Wth?!

Its a different story once you're inside, you'll find that there's signs that the toilet seat wasn't being sat on. Instead, it has been squatted on! - leaving shoe prints all over! (okay, its too depressing that i need to say a bit on cleanliness)

5. Pedestrian crossings. Its the norm when you are at a pedestrian crossing, when the lights turn red, you need to stop until the lights go green again. Here I am stopping, but as soon as the pedestrians have reached the other side of the road, you'll get honks from behind asking you to hit the accelerators. Again, wth? Im stopping because the lights are RED!!

6. Shopping malls/centers/supermarket cashiers. Give us some greetings pleaseeee! OR at least a smile! Who knows it might make someone's day! Well, some DO smile but not all. You can judge their sincerity through their looks. Pfffftt!

You see, some of these situations are kind of depressing. (Only if you agree with me, that is). There are like so many other things to elaborate on. So guys, if you do have any comments or anyone of you have experienced any kind of similar situations, please feel free to drop any. Its even okay if you want to vent and share your frustrations. Doesn't matter if you are Anonymus.

Till then, have a great day ahead!