Friday, November 6, 2009

Of Running All The Way to the Adelaide Oval

Today was the 'best' training everrrrrrrrrrr! still expecting the worse to come in the coming weeks. Yes, its getting tougher and tougher...
not forgetting embarrasment too! haha.

Funny thing is, i kind of enjoying every moment of it 'cept for the part of having to wake up earrrrly morning when mom is still fast asleep back home.

We did great! despite the crunches, mountain climbing, sprinting up hill, push ups, the A-B-C Abs just to name a few (there were heaps more!)
Ohh..not to forget, I loooove you both Cheryl and Kate for bringing up the spirit and strenghtening out our arms and feet. Hehh heh.

This one is for you and all my team members.

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meanie mean said...

expect for the hardest!!!!!!
mati laaaa....pengsan...