Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm not really a fan of her, but wth! she's too young to die!
Adding to that, its always controversial in celebrity deaths. That did not surprise me.
Not at all.

Oh btw, tomorrow will be one big day. I am actually a little confused on whether should I be excited or not.I've actually tweeted this part (to those who follow me) - Its just that I'm confused on whether should I be excited as I'm oficially done with studies and done with school or not being excited (I cant think of an appropriate word) because I am leaving this place. The place which taught me so much things - standing on your own foot, being independent, being away from the family, perceptions, mentalities, etc. This place also has given me the chance to discover a small part of this wonderful world - an amazing creation of God.
I am gna miss this place.


meanie mean said...

yup...going to miss my partner in crime... dont worry la your time is coming to experience other wonderful things... have a blast celebration tomorrow!!!! lompat tinggi2!!!

YoOsH said...

finish already? yayyy.. congrates!!!
lepas ni balik boleh kawen eh..