Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Being an Alien on an Alien Land

Its my first trip i've been sent outstation for work purposes.
For all this while i've been travelling for leisure. Period.

My first experience setting foot to East Malaysia. Its actually amazing.
I landed Miri in the morning and had a flight to catch to Marudi later during the day. My first ever experience boarding a fokker. Ha ha. If the flight were to be 45mins i think i could throw up. A 20 mins flight succeded to make me feel just sick and nausea. (I can be affected by motion pretty bad you know - something about myself that I've just discovered).
The aircraft was stuffy and the fan makes noise as if its raining heavily hitting on an aluminium roof. You get what I mean. That kind of noise.

But somehow I aced it and went tru all that without any problems. Well, there were some minors. Slacker!
Overall, it has been an exciting day but pretty exhausting having to wake up in the wee hours of the day to catch the first flight out and i'm still not in bed yet fretting that I'll be missing Glee tonight.

The people here are so kind and talks as if i've known them for years! Surprising, but true! but I do get some looks and stares probably because they've never seen me here and im like an alien on their land. I'll adapt.

Ahhh well, its been a long day. Will hope to update more about this.(Dang i did not bring my camera).


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YoOsH said...

pegi jalan2...... tak ajak!!!
kerjalah sekuat mungkin selagi anada terdaya.. ekekekee