Friday, October 15, 2010

Samsung vs Apple

Came across a fb status of a friend of mine. She was drooling over this and being myself, i was curious and thought of googling it. And i found it was pretty awesome.

The rival for the iPad has now emerged. So Apple, you need to do something. (Well, im sure you are)


watch it here!

After reviewing, im sure if you are an iPad owner, you might consider throwing it into the bin already.
I would love to get my hands on it. But to personally 'own' it...yay or nay?

The Galaxy Tab in comparison to the iPad & iPhone (yeah, i think thats the iPhone)


oneman said...

i have an iphone. my mate just bought a galaxy... main things i notice on the galaxy was how light it was and felt a little thinner... but he doesn't look as cool as i do flop'n it out ;)

everyone knows an iphone when they see one. hahahhaa

I AM said...

Exactly! iphone is getting lame... pffft!
People would go 'whoa' when they see a galaxy instead ha hahaa