Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday : 23 Nov 2012

Thanksgiving is over! Well, thanksgiving has no significant value on me, but what excites me is the first Friday after Thanksgiving!


Which means its time to shop shop shop till you drop drop drop be it in store or online.
Things can go really cheap and you can get stuffs you want (or rather you need) at a very very low price.
Ahhh yes, I had chosen carefully and made comparisons between the many many stores offering the same item. Yes I can be really diligent at this.

Looking forward to receiving my eReader! I was contemplating between a Kindle or a Nook. Initially I wanted a Kindle, but after I discovered about Nook, it might be more worth it. Functions are similar with a cheaper price! Its just that obviously you need to download your books from Barnes & Noble. But hey, it ain't a problem at all!
With that kind of storage, it is as if you are carrying an amount of up to 1000 books in your handbag! How easy!

The list goes on.

Well people, happy shopping!!!!!

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