Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Of Hot Stars and The Chill

When we landed, as the back door opened, I felt a sudden chill coming from outside. The weather was showing a vast differenct from what I've experienced the past few days.
The past few days had been a total experience for me.

Did not think much about work.
Met uber hot cool 'stars' and characters.

And that's that.
Put the hot 'stars' aside. Put the characters aside, too.
Now I'm home and there's still a need to complete the uncompleted works. Sigh.
Change my thinking for a while and will eventually get to experience the REAL freedom by mid of the month. Well, at least I got till Jan :)

My should-I-call-it-an-experiment on Craigslist is still on the move. Will have to wait till its actually proven!

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