Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of Money, Waiting, Separation and People

Tea Tree Plaza was our first destination. Called Mom before leaving to make sure on anything particular she would want.
Upon arrival, there were already others waiting and loitering outside the doors in the plaza. As midnight strike, the doors opened.

So it was 12.01am. People were dashing through all the opened doors they could find in the plaza. In a split second, there were already people queing up at the cashiers. Most of the racks were almost, (well not obviously) empty.

Just as dawn breaks, we headed to the city. The pockets and purses and wallets were running dry. Done with everything, headed home to complete the delayed daily routine which was to sleep.

You'll never guess what we came up with for our tansportation. It shows off our desperation to shop. Hehe.

Boxing Day celebration. What a day. :)

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