Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bush For Life

One thing for sure I learnt today:
Rules for Working in the Bush (there's actually one whole list but three of it are the best ones. The rest are quite common in a way.)

1. Watch your feet
Having to watch where you place your foot making sure minimal damage is done and here is the rare bit - wear soft soled shoes, avoid walking heel first (walk flat footed), thread lightly and avoid twisting your feet. Also, when working in groups spread out and take diff routes! (instead of sticking together as a group-like what we're always told to)

2. Never hang weeds on weeds
Hanging weeds on other weeds puts you to the trouble of dealing with them twice but instead, hang your weeds on natives to avoid double handling.

3. Work with the weather
If the weather is too dry, soil sets hard and roots tend to break off rather than come out. If its too wet, every-step you take causes soil compaction - which I never knew of. I was just like "Just get rid of the weeds at anytime, anyday".

Credit to Harry and Angela. You guys were awesome!!!

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