Friday, June 12, 2009

I did a quiz on facebook on Who is your Twilight guy?

It was Jacob Black.


And so I decided to find out more on wiki~

Jacob Black is a fictional character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. He is described as a Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, near Forks, Washington. In the second book of the series, he undergoes a transformation that allows him to change into a wolf. In the films Twilight and New Moon, Jacob is played by Taylor Lautner.

He had a small role in Twilight but made it big in New Moon. Saved Bella's life from Laurent (the vampire) and again when she tried to kill herself by jumping off the cliff - depressed of Edwards's leaving. Their friendship became strong since then.

Physical Appearance
Jacob has russet skin, black hair and dark eyes. In Twilight, he is described as a lanky 6'2" fifteen-year-old with a long black ponytail. By Eclipse, Jacob stands at 6'7" and has a toned and muscular build. In New Moon, after discovering that he is a werewolf, he cuts off his long hair. He later grows it out in Eclipse because he thinks Bella prefers it long. This makes his fur as a wolf shaggier and longer than that of his brothers. He is said to be quite handsome, once being described by Bella as beautiful. He tends to wear only cut-off style jeans or shorts, since clothes are often ruined during his transformations into a wolf. As a wolf, Jacob's fur is a russet color, like his skin.

Personal Characteristics
Bella describes Jacob as a "happy person" who extends this happiness to the people around him. As Jacob's character emerges in New Moon, he is shown to be cheery, passionate, adventurous, but quick in temper. Jacob is also able to phase at will into a giant wolf. His body temperature is warmer than a human's, reaching about 108.9 °F (42.7 °C), which allows him to withstand very cold weather. His body also heals quickly, he can communicate with his werewolf pack telepathically when in wolf form, and he is physically stronger and faster. Werewolves do not age if they regularly turn into their wolf form, with Jacob's body physically grown to the equivalent of a 25-year-old. Once they begin phasing, a werewolf may "imprint"—a method of finding one's soul-mate—on someone, and will act as a close family member if the imprintee is not yet old enough to be their lover. Jacob imprints on Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, and acts as an older brother figure to her.

Jacob as a warewolf - saving Bella from Laurent

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