Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Of a Shopping Spree Day

I was a bit too exhausted last night to even go online.
Never in my life that I had gone to most of the K-Marts here in SA (except for the unreachable ones)

Well, we started early at about 8.30am. We were supposed to go and look for 'Corelles' ordered by a friend who is already back in KL. And so we went...
But by the look of it, there were other things on sale and we moved to another K-Mart after finishing up what is on the rack.
I had a class in the afternoon and so I though 'my' shopping will end just that time.

After class, called my other friends to ask where they were. And so it happened that they were at another K-Mart which is nearby to the campus on where I had my class. Ahh..without hesitation, I joined them later after that but to our dissapointment, the items that we wanted was already sold out.

So we went to another K-Mart outlet and again there was nothing much and repeatedly, went to another outlet. And there, there were some of them on the shelves. So we swiped clean all of it.

Only felt tired once everything was done. Hunger was put aside during shopping.
Had pizza for dinner (which was really really good).

Haha..so much of a shopping day huh? ;)


Qalaysiz koyla! said...

pizza....i really misss a marveles pizza ...pizza hut or domino....pizza kt sini kureng...

I AM said...

Yeke?? Nak try jgk Russian Pizza.heh heh..