Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sunday That We Rocked!

We totally rocked on a Sunday!!!
Thanks to AA and her husb for coming over. Spent the whole day...well, almost the whole Sunday with them! We had a blast! Really.

I've discovered a new site of spirituality from which they have told me about.
I have yet to go through the whole site, but by the look of it, its pretty impressive!
Yes yes..they were impressed to.

From tennis to baseball to jet skiing to sky diving to cycling to swordplay to fising and to the guitar and drums, We Rocked!!!!!!


lillix said...

YEHHHH!!! It was fun ey. Thanks guys.

Sila naikkan graph basketball . hehehehe

I AM said...

Hehehh..i totally sucked! :(
(sbb tu tak mention)hehehehh