Friday, October 23, 2009

When Thoughness and Endurance is in Much Need

I've made another impulsive decision through my life.

A decision which involves big bucks. A decision which requires strength. A decision which requires endurance. A decision which requires close contact to the ground, grass, trees, tyres and sandbags and whatnot that's just about nature. A decision that I would never have dreamt of doing.

Blame it on 'them'!!
Muchos gracias.

Im going bootcamping!!!!!!!! Woooooot woooooooot!
(Should i be looking forward to it? I would probably drop dead by the end of it. I can imagine it already)

Sloppy kisses to those ppl!


YoOsH said...

bootcamp? really.. wahhh..
so proud of u...
go for it zati.. bestnya...

weh, i already sign up with celebrity fitness.. campur aa lelaki pompuan.. ahahaha.. okay lahh

I AM said...

HAhaa..dont hv to be proud proud when im done with it.not sure on how i can
So how's the place?dkt mana?and how much? :)