Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sent mama to the airport this evening. So I'm back to lazing around alone in the bedroom.

No more the someone to clean the dishes, no more the someone who'll make noise when I'm still in bed 'early' in the morning, no more of the someone who I'd go shopping with and when she would pay for the stuffs and no more of the someone who would bake some blueberry and banana muffins.

I'm now back to school in two days time, but yeah only for two weeks for summer school - then back again for a month of holiday and again back to hit the books.

Then I would be graduating by end of the year.

You just can't imagine how time flies and how it would brag you to go back to the past and those are the times where you enjoyed the most. :)


YoOsH said...

really? coming back with master?? oowwww!!!!!!!!!! so very very damn jealous.... huhu.. what a great live.. love u always.. gud luck wth the summer school and graduation.. ehehe

Jacques said...

Thank you! and loove you too babeh!! xxxx