Friday, January 2, 2009

The Starting of a New Year 2009

2008 has been a memorable year. It was in 2008 that I stepped my foot downunder to pursue my studies.

This taught me sooo much more new things, i.e for me to be independent in every point of life. Being away from my family does not mean that I could not live independently. This showed me the true life of being able to do each and every thing on my own.

No more family members surrounding me, unlike back home. Here, I'm surrounded by friends, be it all sorts of age group and all sorts of maturity level.
In my younger days, I only mix with the people from the same background, conversing in the same language. Being away gave me the chance to mix and even learn other languages.

This year, 2009 would be the last year for my studies on which I will graduate, if everythinggoes well. I will defenitely have to make use of the time here to be able to meet more people and visiting more places on which I have never been. Travelling gives me the satisfaction in life! :)

I hope that 2009 would turn out to be a better one. Yes, I know I would have to pledge to improve myself to prove it to be a better year. All these would never come to reality without the blessing and care from a person called a Mother.

The Mother makes sacrifices which I would never be able to repay her. I would never stay at the place I am now without me. Now, I am capable to be myself and carry a HUGE responsibility to make her proud and succeed in everything that I do. Living a life without a mother by your side is absolutely difficult. Nothing in this world could repay her kindness and sacrifices. All these years not even have to wait for a new year to contribute to the family.

Happy New Year 2009.
I love you Mama.

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adi said...

its so true.mother ..who are we without her?i love your mom too.she looks strong and i think she is,right?

love u also.miss those days together. happy new year to you too.i dream of going to perth/adelaide(your place) this year..but,dont know whether cukup duit or not.. see first ok?