Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanking Him

In about 24 hours' time starting from now I'll be on my way home. Leaving everything I've built here in the land down under for two years.
It doesn't seem like a long time; but it's indeed a huge leap for me.
Whatever i've done. Whatever i've shared and not to forget whatever i've achieved, i'll cherish it till the rest of my life.
I considered myself to be blessed - being surrounded by lovely yet 'crazy' friends (you know who you are) lol.

I never thought having to stay at a different country could be so enjoyable. Leaving your family behind is the hardest part at first as i have never stayed apart from them. Ever.
I've learnt so many new things and had the chance to discover this beautiful side of the world. Appreciating God's creation is the most important thing. That's for sure.

I'll cherish whatever I've gone through - all the ups and downs, surviving without having my family by my side and being independent in almost everything! It has also taught me in building up rapport and strenghtening up my skills in interaction and communication with people as well.
This was given to me by God. I thank Him for that.
Its Him who decides whatever my future is and whatever i'll turn up to be.
Its Him who we need to ask and pray to, hoping everything is for the best.
Him who knows whats ahead for me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Start

Yes!! Hello hello again! I'm back!
I was away and haven't got the time to actually update anything. I was away across the Tasman Sea to the Land of Long White Clouds - one of the best ever trip i've ever had.
It was just simply amazing!

This is just a blurb of what I'll be writing for the next posts (when I actually could get everything outta my head) as I'm busy preparing to go back leaving Adelaide after 2 years :(((((
I'll put it here into words soon!