Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In a lake in Palau


The safest place to swim among millions of jellyfish - in a lake in the Pacific Island of Palau.

These deadly creatures have lost their stings.
The island was once connected to the Pacific Ocean, but as sea level dropped, the jellyfish became isolated in the algae rich lake and eventually lost their sting.

Eccentric experience, hey?!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Q1 2012

Yeh... can't wait!

BODYCOMBAT 51 tracklist
1a: Give Me Everything (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
1b: Loud (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Big Diddy
2: Bark At The Moon – Fortified Pro
3: Here Tonight – Reality Charm And Solitude
4: Another Way To Die - Disturbed
5: Kung Foo Fighting – Kickers Kingdom (original: Cee Lo & Jack Black)
6: Where Them Girls At (Mix I) – Olson Bjerre
7: Born To Kill – Airbourne
8: Land Of Dance (Sy And Unknown Remix) – Retro And Flawless
9: Champion – Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
10: Awake And Alive (Rock Radio Mix) – Skillet

BODYPUMP 81 tracklist
1. You Make Me Feel… – Cobra Starship feat Sabi
2. Higher Ground – Jagged Eagle (original : RHCP)
Loud – Stan Walker
4. Ravers Fantasy (manox remix) – Manian
5. Domino – Miss Daise
6. I Own You – Shinedown
7. San Francisco (Remix 11) – Fine Tune
8. Blood Is Pumping – Blade X
9. Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
10. Best Thing I Never Had – BeyoncĂ©
Alternative tracks:
6. Dynamite (Remix IX) – Studio 88 feat Juno Mars
10 Breaking Inside – Shinedown feat. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

Thursday, February 23, 2012


(from my Instagram)
I'll always hold on to this..

Something to ponder upon.....
Do not loose faith as HE will always be with you.

Ad-Dzariyat (51): 49-50

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vientiane 2012.

My most recent trip in 2012.
Vientiane, Laos.

Home of the Sea Games 2009.

Its amazing to see the development transition from a non-developed country and as you go down south, skyscrapers starts to rise through to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

I'd love to stay and do some voluntary work here.
Love the activities, the people, the culture and the kids especially!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adelaide : The 60s

I miss this place.

Thanks to my friend, she gave me this link.

Sort of the life in Adelaide in the 60s. (eventhough I was there 3 years ago)
But I find it too cool!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Second Weekend of February

Just got to know...

BC Q1 2012 will be at 7.30 am at TTFC.
My instructor has asked me to go...but will I take the trouble to make it THAT early?

Oh...yaayyy! Its the last working day of the week!
Which means its the weekendddd!!!!!

Hmmm..what exactly are my feelings right now?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Europe is poor so should live within its means'

A very good one!

For decades the West has lectured the East on how to manage its economies. Not any more.

Now the emerging economies of Asia look like models of steady, consistent policy and sustained growth while Europe, America and Japan are mired in debt and are growing achingly slowly, if at all.

So what can the West learn from the East?

According to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the message is simple but devastating: Europe must face up to the new economic reality.

"Europe... has lost a lot of money and therefore you must be poor now relative to the past," he reasons in an interview with BBC World Service's Business Daily.

"And in Asia we live within our means. So when we are poor, we live as poor people. I think that is a lesson that Europe can learn from Asia."

State of denial

Dr Mahathir is well qualified to pass judgement.

If any Asian leader can make claim to having laid the groundwork for his country's economic expansion, it is he.

During his two decades in power, Dr Mahathir helped transform Malaysia from a sleepy former colony into an economic tiger.

But his advice will not make happy reading in the capitals of Europe.

Dr Mahathir believes European leaders are in a state of denial.

"You refuse to acknowledge you have lost money and therefore you are poor," he says.

"And you can't remedy that by printing money. Money is not something you just print. It must be backed by something, either good economy or gold."

Dr Mahathir may be 86 years old, but he still holds very strong views.

In particular, he believes Europe and the West must begin the long slow process of restructuring their economies to reduce their dependence on the financial sector.

"I think you should go back to doing what I call real business - producing goods, providing services, trading - not just moving figures in bank books, which is what you are doing."

His big bugbear is still currency trading, which he believes did huge damage to the Malaysian economy during the financial crisis that hit Asia in the late 1990s.

"Currency is not a commodity", he says.

"You sell coffee. Coffee… can be ground and made into a cup of coffee.

"But currency, you cannot grind it and make it into anything. It is just figures in the books of the banks and you can trade with figures in the books of banks only.

"There must be something solid to trade, then you can legitimately make money."

Tough message

But even if Europe takes his advice, Dr Mahathir believes there will be no quick return to economic health.

"To recover your wealth you have to work over many years to rebuild your capacities, to produce goods and services to sell to the world, to compete with the eastern countries," he says.

European workers are overpaid and unproductive, Dr Mahathir believes.

"I think you have paid your workers far too much money for much less work," he says.

"So you cannot expect to live at this level of wealth when you are not producing anything that is marketable."

His message is tough, he acknowledges, before adding with a laugh: "We used to get tough messages from you before, remember?"

"And now, what is the result? Sometimes you undermined our currency and we became very poor. Well, we learn from each other. We were Euro-centric before. I think it should be a little bit Asia-centric now."

A tough message indeed.

Taken from here.