Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ain't It Fair?

Okay so now the infamous shoe-thrower is now facing 3 years of jail. It was said that he could've been sentenced to 15 years in jail or even execution for insulting. Yeah, insulting President Bush during a conference in Baghdad.

Nevertheless, in an opinion poll, it was found that he was regarded as a national hero - by 62% (a good one I must say)

I know it was an insult, an ethical issue and against good moral values.
But what the heck?! Compared to what President Bush has done.Well, the whole world knows. Need no more explanation about that - even the UN could only do nothing.
Hmmm...yeah, he could've been executed but he was not. Its only now he's deserving his 3 years of jail which I think is fair enough (in addressing the legislation of Iraq about insult. He still needs to be sentenced tho)

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YoOsH said...

so very damn true.. that stupid bush deserves more!
pity the national hero..