Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who's to Blame?

Did anyone saw the footage from the CCTV of a robbery in Taman Maluri? It was posted on youtube. Well, I didnt exactly watched it on youtube but from an email - then only I discovered it got onto youtube. So for those who haven't, sorry I dont have the link, but instead of googling it, youtube it!

These past few days local newspapers are of crime headlines (I know apart from politics), be it snatch theft, armed robbery, etc etc.
What's the main reason behind this?
Omg omg..I can never answer this question myself!

But what I think is...foreigners contribute to this as well. We need to tighten border security!! Not just letting ppl into the country with on-arrival visa! Pls..the govt needs to concentrate more on these sort of things and not crap i.e. politics - dirrrrrty i must say!

One question: How's it gonna end?

Having to hear all these, staying away from family makes me worry sick enough everyday thinking about Mom who's most of the time alone (yeah, my bro doesn't stick that much at home tho)

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