Monday, March 9, 2009

Of the Racecourse and Having a Zit

You know that you're having a helluva time when you actually realize that you have a whole load of assignments and you tend to purposely forget about it and have your own great time!

It's Adelaide Cup day and its a good time to start on your assignments since its a public holiday. Instead, we went to the racecourse!yaayyy for me! Reaching home, my oh-so called-hardworkingness has called me to do my usual holiday routine - tv, internet and sleep. I can't stay apart from my 'other half': procrastination.

I reckon to all who understands well what its like to be a student, I've no doubt you'll somehow agree with me.heh..hehh and sometimes I will tend to put the least important things that should be done as one of my top priorities! Yayyy to me again!

Off the topic, here, I've learnt sooooo much about cars!
Thanks to all the memorable and eventful memories I've went through with cars!
Yeah, I doubt I'll experience all these if I were in Malaysia.

I have a zit on my forehead. Awww...'thank' you big ass zit for being there to keep the other smaller and healing zits company. How sweet of you.

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