Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black is the Thing

Taken from the Shoeblog.
Reasons we like black:
1. Black is a great way to make things pop. Black is a very conservative color so the rest of the outfit is left to shine. There is no denying that my attention was instantly drawn to Anne’s Christian Louboutin Mirrored Very Galaxy Platform pump and Katherine Heighl’s pumps.
I think they're Jimmy Choo's 'Night' Sandals.

2. Black goes with everything. Similar to argument #1 where your accessories get to pop, imagine the fun, colorful shoes, handbags, and accessories you’ll get to wear.

3. Black is a slimming color.

4. Stay warm but formal. Unless your dress is layered or the flash of the lighbulbs is warming, it must be quite chilly to wear a strapless dress. It doesn’t make sense that men get to stay warm in their suits but women cannot.

5. The shoes are then obvious!

6. Black transcends time and occassion. It’s an easy way to go from office attire, cocktail, or formal and the look works for women of all ages.


Anon said...

they all look stunning. anne hathaway especially

Jacques said...