Sunday, September 28, 2008


Raya raya, you're approching.
Everthing in this house is all about raya.Umm...Well,almost.

Kuih raya.Checked.
Lagu raya.Checked.
Baju raya.Well, not brand new.So, checked. ;)

Well, called Mom this morning.They were going for a raya trip (I mean outside KL).For the first time. And that first time will be without me!
The first time in celebrating raya when I would have to rush to class right after meals.

I can't seem to find myself on getting started with Mary's assignment.
Blame raya for that.
Now get what I mean?


Mohamad said...

cik kak oi, raya mana?!

Jacques said...

Raya sini laaa! sensitive question. ;((

miSsMeaN said...

ngehegheghehhe...dun worry mate.. sure there is some exciting having raya will celebrate with half non-muslim in full class attandance kan..hehehh