Sunday, September 7, 2008


I know I haven't been typing much these few days.
Anyway, I think this post would be a different one.
Something that has got to do about myself.

I've been tagged by missaussie.

Needed some time to contemplate on what to write on the "15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself".
OK so here goes nothing!

1. I loooove mangoes and mangosteens! and buying Mango.Evrything that has got to do with the term 'mango'.

2. I used to name myself of different names from what I have now, which I have never told anyone.

3. Communicating with the senior who sat on the very same place as I did during high school years (I was in Form 1 and she was a Fifth Former) by leaving short notes under my desk. (Well, she did to!)

4. Tend to shop more and more clothes and when I find out that I still have other rarely-used clothes because I forgot they even existed.

5. Loves travelling even it requires me to travel one whole day on a tuk-tuk (bicycle driven carriage, or whatever you called it)

6. I'm prone to itchyness due to skin sensitivity because of weather change, etc.

7. I love big bags as I could shove everything inside it and later getting trouble to look for little little things in it. When I'm comfortable with it, I'll use it everyday to school and even going out.

8. Hates changing wallets because I won't get the same feeling if I were to get a new one. I'm used to all the compartments in my same ol' wallet. I dont care how old it would turn out to be.

9. I have a scar on my forehead (and used to associate myself with Harry Potter, except for the lightning scar part). Hahaa..Good ol' timessss.

10. I get inspirations when I bathe.

11. A passion on looking for new bedsheets, pillowcases, duvet, quilt covers, etc. It gives me the excitement when sleeping because of the different colours.

12. I like going to hospitals. Getting the smell of it.

13. I edit pics when I'm bored.

14. Go shopping alone when I'm relieved after putting effort on a helluva work/assignment. I'll tend to take all the time in the world trying on clothes etc. etc and making up my mind and looking at different shops of the similar item and more and more.

15. I sometimes don't even know what I write or post. ;P

So, I'm tagging:

- Azim
- Anonymus
- Izyan
- Pakcik LuarOtak
- Inah


Mohamad said...

wow... tough 1 but i'll try :D

Izyan Darling said...

hey there zati!
good to hear from you babe. i've been tagged by a friend to do this before but till now i haven't had the time (or rather haven't figured out 15 stuffs about me to write haha) but i will definitely do it soon. anyway i'm gonna link u to my blog too yeah?

missaussie said...

2: apekah nama misteri tersebut? haruskah digoogle untuk mencari jawapannya? haha.

12: saya suka jugak dulu, sekarang sajek sudah insaf. hehe.

15: memang pun, asalkan update je kan? hoho