Monday, September 8, 2008

More Than Expected

Can't really think of anything to type now since I've just got back.
The Show was more than what I had expected. :D

Had got 2 showbags, since the items listed in my wishlist was rather dissapointing.
Anyhow, at least I managed to save on that bit. :))

So I was walking at the exhibitions when a booth interests me.
A booth selling a wardrobe space saver.

Apparently, I found myself having a conversation with the seller before he even actually promoted on the item he was selling.
He had asked me what am I current studying and so I answered him.
At that moment of answering, he gave me an 'oh-no-you're in SERIOUS-trouble' gesture (he had dunked his face into his arms which were resting on the rails of the clothes line).

I was like, what? What's wrong with that?'
And then he answered, "You should learn politics with that".

And that was when I discovered that he was quite knowledgeable on Malaysian issues of politics. He had travelled quite a number of times to Malaysia.

He had told me that everything, well, almost everything is political driven.
Haha. I was impressed because it IS somewhat true.
Yeah, apart from that, like any other non-Asians, he said that the food is good and loved it very much (he was from Perth).

Tak ape-lah.

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