Friday, September 12, 2008

Tagged. Again.

Izyan tagged me.
Again, here goes!

5 tabiat buruk anda time sekolah…
1. hiding things inside dustbin during sportchecks
2. copy homework (who doesn't right?)
3. drawing on tables (esp. the OLD ones so that untraceable.hehe)
4. using other class's toilets to keep our own toilets clean (we have to use our own class's toilet)
5. last minute homework

3 favourite subject anda… kenapa?
1. Maths (i do not knw why..Cikgu Adnan's bless kot.hahahaa)
2. English (not required to remember any formulas)
3. P.E (yayyy!!)

3 subjek yang anda tidak suka… kenapa?
1. History (arrr...dates.dates. dates...all have to remember?)
2. History
2. Accounts in KH

Menarik pada kamu???
Obsession to food. i guess.heh.

Kamu paling suka?
Editing pics.and FOOD!!!!!!!!

Anda tidak boleh hidup tanpa?
TV and chocolates and music and my camera and .....

setiap malam sebelum tidur, siapa yang anda hubungi?
Nobody.Just sleep and having sweet dreams.Hahaa..

tag 5 org rakan anda…
  • Min
  • Cik Tym
  • Inah
  • and anyone who's willing.


Mohamad said...

eh where's the part 2 lah?

Jacques said...

aha..i thought it was until the "tag 5 rakan anda" only... ;P

missaussie said...

sudah diselesaikan.