Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gil Allouche-Ideas

I was on my project management assignment and looking for resources on the net when I stumbled upon Gil Allouche's.

Located at Palo Alto, California, currently doing his MBA in the US and also working as an intern in the strategy (product management & marketing) of a product.

Quoted from one of his post, titled "Ideas"

"To become an entrepreneur, you need to act upon your ideas, rather than keep them inside your creative mind for them to melt down."

Among his approaches he once did to make the world a better place (and then which he thinks it was such a bad approach to be made) were:
1. if it’s such a good idea, how come no one has thought about it before
2. criticize everything
3. be realistic

Gil thinks that the approaches had made him lost the opportunities later in his life that would become extremely popular and create profitable companies. Examples:

“why don’t you create a software in which you can study online? in the future - universities would be based on that” - eLearning

- “why don’t you have a website where I can trade my shoes around the world?” - ebay

- “with all of today’s technology, can’t I simply use my computer to call someone?” - skype

Now, the basis to all of these conversations was always the same - provide free services for the mass Google).


simply think about a product that will make your life easier. Take netflix (which I found this VERY VERY INTERESTING) for example — this guy wanted more movies for cheaper price and for a longer time. Also, he hated being dependent on Blockbuster shops. So one day he just took a DVD and sent it to himself via post mail. He got the movie the next day, undamaged.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but there are some things you do on a daily basis. Or maybe there some things that you want to do perfectly. And there’s a good chance that some cannot be done (yet) perfectly — because your idea is not there yet.

So act now - instead of letting your idea slip (once again) out of your mind — make the first step. open up you Microsoft Word and write it down in detail. Do it now. It’s like writing a dream; better yet - it’s like writing your future.


Gil said...

Hi Jacques,

Thank you very much for your warms and reference. If you ever have a financial evaluation assignment - then feel free to pop into my latest post ;)



Jacques said...

And oh Happy Belated! :)