Friday, October 10, 2008

O2 in the City

And so I was reading a magazine while celebrating a friend's (well, there was two of them actually) birthday, when I came across a really cool article on which i took its site add. ;)

From Inflate.
One of its projects:
O2 In The City

Description of project:
The structure was initially commissioned by British Land as a permanently engineered structure to be erected in Broadgate Circus in the City of London. The design was to be a clear span space of 20m requiring no ground fixings.

Results: A truss system offering internal rigidity with a 12 part translucent inflatable cladding. The cladding panels had 2 door section and 2 circular roof light sections, and all the panels could be configured in any armagement allowing the structure to be erected to suit different functions from site to site. The trussing was engineered for suspending lighting and whole exhibition systems.

Why O2?
It was then acquired by O2 to promote their mobile phone service, and touring.

Well, some photos of the inflatable 'touring space':

Among other projects by Inflate are:
-Big M
-Smirnoff Cube
-Positive Pressure (I find this cool too!)

Well, I can assure you that they are as cool as this O2 project.
Check it out yourself!

Some events which had actually used Inflate in Australia. Click!
I hope they would commercialize it in Malaysia soon!!!

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