Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fair Trade Beauty

Some amazing harvesting from indigeneous communities around the world for beauty remedy.

The harvest: Aloe vera
The story: Twenty-five farmers, from the Guastatoya co-op in the El Progreso region of the country, harvest, hand filter and process the aloe vera within 12 hours of picking to ensure optimum quality and avoid the need for preservatives.
The benefits: Renowned for its cooling sensation, aloe vera is the ideal choice for soothing sunburn. Sensitive complexions will also benefit from its healing and hydrating properties.

The harvest: Marula oil
The story: Kernels from the native marula tree are picked, sun-dried, de-husked and cold-pressed by the Eudafano Women's Co-operative in North-Central Namibia.
The benefits: With high levels of anti-oxidants and fatty acids, this oil is perfect for dry or irritated skin, while continued use encourages healthy new cell growth.

The West Bank
The harvest: Olive oil
The story: With the olive branch symbolising peace, it's fitting that Canaan Fair Trade - one of the largest fair traders of olive oil in this politically unsettled territory - was founded by Palestinians.
The benefits: An all-round star performer in skin, hair and nail care thanks to its moisturising and protective properties.

The harvest: Brazil nuts
The story: Every year, between January and March, more than 1000 families travel down the Tambopata River and into the depths of the Amazon basin to gather nuts from the jungle floor.
The benefits: The oil extracted from this nut is full of vitamin E and has hydrating properties, making it an ideal choice for managing and repairing damaged and over-styled hair.

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