Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have been following the news of the search case of the missing Australian 21 year old backpacker, Britt Lapthorne.

She was a Melbourne University student.

Went backpacking, and was reported missing and was last seen at a nightclub in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

After 18 days of search, a body was found.
After DNA testing, the police confirmed that the body WAS of Britt Lapthorne's. She was reported to fall off the cliff over the cove where she was found.

But her family denied saying that she was "a good girl" and that it was impossible for her to either jump or fell off the cliff. It was impossible for such thing to happen. It has to be some other sort of accident.

The body is now in the process to be brought back to Australia.

Investigations are still going on, I think.

I know that this was a shock to her parents. Who would expect that you are going on a holiday trip and the next thing you know is that you might end up in deep trouble and worse, like what had happen to Britt.

Well, I would still love to backpack this summer.And yes, I know that anything could still happen.
So, anyone? ;))

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