Thursday, October 30, 2008


This week would be the last week for classes for this semester! and yayyy!! Holidays are finally here.
I have never been so sad that this would be the last class.Unlike the previous semester, I was actually looking forward for classes to end.
But no doubt, of course I would still want a break right?!!

We had a celebration!!!!

Ohh..We had a field trip earlier today to Glenelg and Netley.And so was talking to my classmate and were kind of making jokes.But a joke with a compliment. My colleague had said that there was someone"old, grey and wise". He was referring to our lecturer!
He is a wise man, indeed.
And another friend of mine came into the conversation and somehow rephrase it to be "wise, grey and old" until he actually came up with an acronym for that-"W.O.G"!!!

Hahahahahhhh!! And we laughed.

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