Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reached home and was feeling so sleepy because tomorrow would be another hectic and early day.I was about to sleep when my friends came over and persuade us (my housemate and I) to another friend's hse for dinner cum raya dinner.

And so we walked to their house on Western Parade for about 15mins.
The cool breeze was felt till the spine, but luckily the weather is getting better, I mean warmer.It spring!!

Well, we had dinner i.e. rendang, koey teow, nasi impit, etc. and watched Ghost Whisperer for a bit.

And after a little bit of chit chatting, we started again our 15min journey walk home.

Ohh..after typing this I am now about to do my initial plan when I reached home earlier tonight.
Which was going to bed.

Well, I couldn't think much correctly right now.

Good night and again,

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