Sunday, August 3, 2008

Asia Awards 2008

The MTV Asia Awards had just ended taking place for the very first time in Malaysia. Genting to be specific on 020208 I wasn't in the country. Well, technology saved the day :)
So Jared Leto and Karen Mok were the hosts for the night.

"Leona, we love you!"

"Sign my shirt! Sign my shirt!"

Those were just the selected screams heard over the hordes of screaming fans with various homemade signs ("Jared Leto, you are the map of the world!" and "MTV is back!") at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards red carpet. Of course, all of them were just out to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars and get a piece of them, be it photos or autographs to take home as precious keepsake!

The first celebs that graced the red carpet were MTV's very own VJ Utt, Denise, Taya, and Zhu Zhu. It was a huge reception, wholly proof that our VJs are hot entities in the hearts of the fans. Some fans even screamed "I love your dress! Nice shoes!" to the female VJs!

When the hot singing and dancing troupe Pussycat Dolls hit the walkway, all hell broke loose! Chants of "PCD!" and "Nicole!" were heard far and wide. And it didn't help that Korean super boyband, Super Junior, were hot on heels of the sexy ladies. The barricades nearly broke!

Kyle Patrick from The Click Five also whipped the fans up into frenzy when he pointed the microphone at them. Said drummer Joey Zehr: "It's pretty insane here!

"Up next, our very hosts Jared Leto and Karen Mok looked like a golden couple walking down the carpet together. Both of them were snapped up by the press for interviews but they didn't forget to mingle with the fans as well. "It's fantastic and such an honor to be here," said Jared.

And when the fans suddenly burst into the chorus of "Bleeding Love," it's pretty evident who has just walked in! Britain's songtress Leona Lewis definitely wowed the crowd with her long flowing golden tresses and affable personality.

As the red carpet event went on, artists like The Script ("We are really nervous to be here," said Danny O'Donoghue), Electrico, Stefanie Sun, Li Yu Chun, Nicholas Teo, OneRepublic, Panic At The Disco, Project E.A.R. all sashayed down the red carpet to meet all the fans and the press. Deafening screams, crazed looks, it was definitely part excitement and mostly mayhem!

Some photos.

Joe and Jaclyn

One Republic


The Click Five

The 'hot' host and Karen Mok

Yayy to 30 Seconds to Mars!!

Out of the topic, if you live in an area where the most disastrous thing that can happen involves being stuck in a traffic jam or spilling coffee on your shirt, there’s really no reason to pack a disaster evacuation kit. However, if Murphy’s Law is to be believed, disasters are coming, like it or not (and you better be prepared.)

Last year alone, Malaysia experienced severe weather events that triggered landslides and floods in places such as Johor, the East Coast and East Malaysia, with some casualties.

For many of us who witness these tragedies through the television, we marvel at the devastation and tend to view the survivors as the lucky ones.

So, Be Prepared.

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BennY Shah said...

hehhe.. i've been to the MTV Asia Awards in Genting ;) 020208 will always on my mind!