Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Oddest Time

I was scratching my back.

Again scratching.

*damn those allergies! (but its healing)

Sigh when you had to munch at one side of you mouth when your wisdom tooth is about to come out, yeah it hurts. Effing hurts!

But thank god not all the time.

And sometimes I don't get the pleasure in the taste of good food.

Decided to concentrate on work on Friday. A must-read-before-class is due today and I have to force myself for that.pfffttt!

Im gonna have lunch.
Pack my bag
With my laptop (optional)
Geared with your hoodies/sweaters/jackets or whatever you call it
Head to school.

Yeah...that's an 'almost' daily routine for me. This season I shall say.

And yesterday was the oddest time for me spending my time in the place for books a.k.a The Library which was when I stepped out from there with three thick, heavy and not-so-big pieces of writings from various for my first mission this semester.


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