Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So much for That

After the lecture today, I wonder how politics could be an extreme influence to the approval of development proposals. Here, in Australia, the Ministers are responsible in determining the approval of a project proposal.

And from the tutorials, I've also discovered that the previous ministers responsible for these approvals do not really have a planning background.
In this case, we're also still uncertain about the life of the River Murray in SA which is said to be currently under threat and the people there i.e. in Goolwa are urging Kevin Rudd on doing something. Hmmm... no news on that yet.

Ohh...also the development in Selangor as stated in the KL City Plan. More development in Selangor (i.e. Hulu Kelang) will be carried out, despite the public participation.
Yeah, so much for the development intensity, land use planning zone and the environment protection zone and sustainable development.

What are these people involved in the process thinking?
And, what is public participation all about?The voice of the public is supposed to be heard in any case!

yada.yada,yada...(we still don't have the say anyway).

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