Friday, August 22, 2008

Mission after the other

My feet are aching. Thanks to the exercise I did today.Worse still that I happen to have a lump on my little foot finger (or whatever you call it).

I had made a visit to one of our site for another mission to be completed this semester.Yeah...we were given three different sites and we had to choose one and to evaluate on its development.

So headed to North Adelaide where we took a bus there. We took several pictures for about 10minutes and we were done. (I was with a friend, ok lets call her GY).

GY: I think I shall walk home from here. I've walked through here before and I think I know my way home. Do you wanna come and have a look at my new home?

Me: Ummm...yup sure. How long is it till your house?

GY: I've once walk through here and took me around 20 minutes to the city. Since we are already half way so I think it should take around 10minutes.

Me (being excited to see her new house): "Ohh..sure!"

*So we walked and walked and walked...

Me: Omg! You said its only 10minutes and now I think its already 30 minutes!

*We were talking and chatting all the way that I didn't realise how long it has been since we started walking. It was when I realised that my feet was aching.

GY: Hahahahahaa! You actually BELIEVED me?

Me: Pfffffffftttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GY: Anyway, we both did a really GOOD exercise today.hehehe...

Yeah...and so I was on the bright-side. No dissatisfation or whatsoever. :)

Ohh..some of the site photos:

This was the site. A vacant land which will soon be developed

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