Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hard Waste

Hard waste items for collection must be placed on the kerb near your residence. was on a flyer to remind and inform people on hard waste collection. We have got the flyer today and I found it quite interesting. And I was imagining only and only if it were to be implemented in Malaysia.

The annual hard waste collection will be done on Monday, 8 September 2008 by the Cities of West Torrens (the local council) and Holdfast Bay, collected from residential properties.

Among the rules:
1. Must have the hard waste on the footpath in front of the house by 6am on 8 Sept. Items placed on the kerb after the collection truck has passed will not be collected.

2. Waste to be disposed should not be more than 1.5 cubic meters which is equivalent to a slightly heaped 6 x 4 meter trailer.

3. There's also a loooong list on what will be collected and what won't be collected. Basically no liquids, chemicals, organic waste, batteries, paints, vehicle tyres, etc. The collected items would be furniture, carpets, bikes, toys, airconds, small scrap metals, unbroken glass, etc.

However, if you still wish to dispose the non-collectable items, there are numbers to contact.

Also, failure to comply with guidelines could result to a $315 fine.
(haha..then it would be better of is you were not to dispose your stuffs rather than getting the fine right?)

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