Saturday, August 16, 2008


Its just tooooo cute not to be shared...

(By Brenton Edwards, 14 August 2008)

JUST how much can a koala bear? On a blustery day, in the fork of a tree high above Happy Valley, a sleepy koala sat minding his own business.

Out of the blue came a couple of crows, intent on making sleep impossible.
The plucky koala swiped at the birds more than 25m above the ground while the crows landed pecks.

The birds' attack increased when the koala tried to beat a retreat down the tree.
In desperation, the koala took evasive action with a 2m horizontal leap of faith from one branch to another. That was too much for the birds. They took off for easier sport.

"I was fortunate enough to witness this epic while waiting for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to attend a press conference at the Happy Valley Reservoir. I captured the action on a Nikon D3 camera, with an 80-200mm lens." (haha I dont know but I just had to make that bold)

Advertiser photographer Brenton Edwards and his amazing picture series in which a koala takes flight after being attacked by crows.

Dr Deb Kelly, from the Department of Environment and Heritage, said: "Normally, a koala can jump about a metre but it depends on the size of the koala how heavy it is, if it is jumping up or down and how badly it was trying to escape."

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I thought koalas only sleep n lazy..huhuhuhuhuh.... Awful thought isn't it