Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chaos. Nay?

Chaos even in organizing people.

I reckon the main reason for that is picking and choosing on who should be in a group and when some who are not being able to cooperate or giving full commitment with work.

I'm a nobody to judge who people are. Its a no no when you assume and judge who someone is by when you hear it from someone else, especially if you don't really know who he/she is.
I usually would put on deaf ears when I had to be in the middle of a situation when a conversation of someone being frustrated with another takes place.

The people were discussing on group members on who should be with and what not.

They were picking on group members and I some how don't know why it was in such a fuss.
I was scared. Listening to some being frustrated on not being able to be with whoever they wanted to. (that was when I was in the middle of that situation. I couldn't step away since they were still sorting out. Its not that I wanted to be in it. I HAD to)

They were still insisting -draging one into another group because there were limitations on the number of members in one particular group.

Then I had got my own group.

Hmm..I was confused, no idea on what reason, and I could say I was satisfied with what I've got, so absent mindedly stepped out of the class.

It was drizzling. Trying hard to forget the chaos, so marched through the wetness and cool breeze of the night, heading home.

No proper dinner for tonight.


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najmiah said...

hurMM...wHY must this haPPened everYWHere, somewherE, eVen anYwhere?goSHhh...whaT a LIfe!